INEKON TRAMS Project in The Russian City of Ufa

Inekon supplied rails and trams for City of Ufa in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Inekon Group a.s. is in the final stage of building a new rail truck for a low-floor streetcar line in the Capital City Ufa. There were several tendered-projects, all connected with each other, in the value of 2.2 Mill EU.

The major part was the manufacturing of four new streetcars, with first one had to be ready for shipping from our plant in Ostrava, by the end of July 2007.
City of Ufa - the Capital of Bashkortostan is a sovereign democratic republic within the Russian Federation. See the map for its location.

"We have built the first part of the track at the busiest part of Ufa, already by the end of the last year. Now, we are finishing remaining parts of the truck with all the crossings, that have been included in the contract," said Ing. Josef Husek, General Manager, and Chairman of the Board for Inekon Group a.s., based in the Prague, Czech Republic.
In the truck construction, we are taking advantage of new technology, where steel rails are inserted into the steel gutters, embedded in reinforced concrete panels.
The main advantage is the construction speed, longer life span and minimal expenses for ongoing maintenance. The big advantage of the new, comparing to the old rail truck lines within the city, is the dust elimination, lower noise level and minimizing of old problems associated when the trucks were crossed by cars or heavy trucks.

Reinforced concrete panels provide variable rail gauge of 1000 to 1524 mm, which is used in the territories of the former Soviet Union. In the Czech Republic, it is 1435 mm. For 1.3 km truck length, it was necessary to ship to Ufa, city located 3450 Km east of Prague, 1502 metric tons of panels and 160 tons of rails.

The materials shipping accommodated 34 rail cars and three heavy trucks, in two phases, from July 2006 to October 2006 and again from May to July 2007. The freight train trip took between 15 - 30 days. The construction was supervised by 3 Czech engineers from our project partner firm ISAM in Pilsen. Workers from Ufa have done the actual work.

Since the old rail tracks that are prevalent in Ufa are not suitable for our new low-floor Inekon streetcars, we will supply four new high-floor type T3M. They will be equipped with all modern traction equipment, type TV-progress that will increase the tram's reliability, induce energy savings as well as the limit use of spare parts since the power equipment will be operated with no moving parts. Further, we will equip the trams with many improvements to handle all tough environmental and operational conditions prevailing in the capital city of Bashkortostan Republic.
The interior will fulfill the stringent safety standards and allow for comfort of +4+5+6the passengers. All four streetcars should be provided to the customer by the end of November 2007.

The capital city of Bashkortostan Republic is one of the most important chemical centers in the Ural Mountains. Local industry produces equipment for mining, petrochemicals, refineries and food production.
The city has a University, an airport with connections to 27 cities of the Russian Federation. Ufa is the home for Ufa Science Centre and a Russian Academy of Science. High Schools and post-secondary schools have an enrolment of 68 000 students. The city also has seven theaters, six museums, philharmonic orchestra, and a circus.

Location of City Ufa in Bashoroston Republic

Photo Gallery of Inekon High-floor Trams in Ufa

Inekon Trams Company designed and produced these Inekon high-floor streetcars to fit customer's budget as well as desired specifications.
Inekon Trams Company demonstrated a high degree of flexibility and inventiveness to the customer again.
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